The Stages of Packing Your Apartment

Actually, moving west. But whatever.

My friend Marie and I found a cute little apartment in the heart of the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood here in Denver, and I could NOT be more excited about it. Two bedrooms and a bathroom, with a balcony. A BALCONY! I’m excited for all the move represents: being able to entertain again, not having to deal with a needy, annoying dog, living in a place where cleanliness can be a priority, and having more space than just my teeny tiny bedroom.

The act of moving itself, however, I’m less than enthused about. Here are the stages of moving, as experienced by the Girl in the City.

1. Excitement


You haven’t even thought of all the work ahead of you. All you can think about right now is how great life in your new place is gonna be.

2. Motivation


“This isn’t going to take long at all! I’m so ready to hunker down and DO THIS!”

3. Reminiscing

When you’re going through all the crap you’ve collected over the last few years and attaching sentimental value to every. little. piece of trash you find.

4. Purging


When you get so sick of looking at the pieces of trash you realize you’ve moved 4 times now, and you never want to see that piece of trash again.

5. Despair


You’ve been working really hard for 4 hours and it seems like you’ve accomplished nothing and this torture is never going to end.

6. Netflix


“I’ve worked hard. I deserve a 2-hour Scrubs break.”

7. Guilt

What are you doing taking a break?! You move in a week! You should get back to work.

8. Half-assing it

Now you’re just putting moving stuff around and sorting piles.

9. Escape plan

My boyfriend will be off work in an hour and a half, I should start getting ready.

10. Resignation/Procrastination


Meh. I’ll just finish tomorrow.


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