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I stocked up on the Body Shop body butters last year during their Cyber Monday sale and I am so happy I did. I’m still working through my stash and these have been a lifesaver lately. Colorado is a dry place to begin with, but now that temperatures have dropped it’s dehydration station here in the Mile High. These babies are super hydrating; I slather it on after my shower and at the end of the day my skin still feels moist. They sink in quickly and last. (Pssst… You can get 50% off the whole site with code SAVE50 through December 8th)

I am hooked on the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. I’ve heard great things about it and it definitely lives up to the hype. I only use it at night as I feel that twice a day with the muslin cloth is a bit too abrasive on my skin. The scent is medicinal and it tingles a bit, which I quite like. I love how it leaves my face feeling refreshed and soft, and not tight at all like so many cleansers do.

skincare favorites

The Clean & Clear spot treatment is something I’ve loved for years and am convinced it’s actually magic in a tube. I dab this on blemishes before I go to bed and am continually amazed at how quickly and noticeably it reduces size and redness. It’s the $7 investment every girl should make.

Oh, how I love Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment. I’m afraid of getting wrinkly, and while I don’t think I’m ready for anti-aging stuff (or maybe I’m just in denial), I do like to douse my under eyes with extra hydration. This stuff is amazing – absorbs quickly and feels thick and luxurious. I’m dying to try more of the Kiehl’s range, but the prices hold me back. Hello, sticker shock.

I use the Lush Mint Julips religiously year round but rely on it especially during the winter months. It’s tasty and makes my lips soft and helps my balms soak in better. I have to make sure my lips don’t become crusty crusts. (GloZell, anyone?)

Hair Loves


Redken Align 12 is one of my all-time favorite hair products. It protects my hair from the heat and helps smooth it out, all while smelling divine. I wish I could find a perfume of this stuff, it smells that good. A little citrusy, a little masculine, all yummy.

I’m new to the hair oil world and wanted to get my feet wet, so to speak, with a drugstore product. I’m glad I went for the Garnier Miracle Dry Oil. I spray it 3-4 times into my hand, rub my palms together, and smooth it over my hair. I love this stuff after I’ve straightened my hair as it makes it look shiny and healthy and helps beat frizz and static, but it’s also great for days when I let it dry naturally. I can’t say it’s done anything lasting or profound for overall hair health or moisture, but it’s a good quick fix that’s easy to use and affordable.

Beauty Loves

beauty favorites

The Covergirl Line Blast liquid liner is a new find that I’m so happy with. My mom had given it to me and I didn’t have high hopes for it. She gave me the one in brown (I’ve since bought it in black, too), and I have been really impressed. It has a felt tip that is SO easy to use. I used to use a Maybelline liner, the tip of which was too flimsy to get a clean, defined line. This Covergirl tip is shorter and doesn’t have as much give. It’s a really wet formula, which is something I’m not crazy about, but as long as I give it a few seconds to dry it isn’t too much of an issue.

I’ve long been on the hunt for a good bronzer for my pale complexion, and I’ve found love in the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer. It’s not ruddy or shimmery; it’s natural-looking and perfect. I use an angled blush brush to apply it just under my cheekbone and I concentrate it at the back of my cheeks and it gives that emaciated, hollowed-out look we girls try so hard for. #cheekbonezfordayz

beauty favorites

One of my favorite things about winter and the reason I put up with cold weather, however begrudgingly, is flushed cheeks. I think flushed cheeks are the cutest and I try to emulate that look in my winter makeup. The Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Natural Beauty is perfect for it. I was scared of red blush at first, but this is really flattering. I pair it with ultra-simple eyes (liquid liner and loads of lashes) and a lip stain or bolder lips and it makes for the easiest, prettiest makeup.

Stila. Kitten. I have no idea how I’ve lived without this stuff for so long. It’s shimmery and illuminating and I reach for it when I want more than liner on my eyes but don’t want to look too done-up. It’s really, really lovely.

Any goodies you’ve been loving lately? I could also use a little help: I’m looking for a more heavy-duty daytime moisturizer. I use the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer and love it, but it hasn’t been hydrating enough. I have combination skin that’s rather sensitive to fragrance. If you know of anything good, please share your knowledge with me! My dry little face thanks you!

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