Sex and the City: A 20-Something’s Saving Grace

I love Sex and the City.

(And I couldn’t help but wonder, is that something to be ashamed of?)

Whenever I’m feeling heartsick, lonely or frustrated with life, I turn to the girls. Their antics never fail to cheer me up and console me, and for a multitude of reasons.

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha are resilient as heck. You see them looking weak and sad (but still smokin’) for one episode TOPS and then they’re back at it, vibrant as ever. If they can make it though a break up so smoothly, so can I.

I find their loyalty to each other touching. One of my favorite scenes is one in the first movie where Carrie walks across town to be with Miranda on New Years Eve. A haunting version of Auld Lang Syne plays as Carrie makes her way to her friend’s side, and all is right with the world because both can know they’re not alone. After every failed relationship – and during all the successful ones – they are there for each other. I’m far away from the girls who have always been there for me, but watching the SATC friendships is the next best thing.

Sure, the show is about four girls seeking love, but at the end of the day they’re all strong women who don’t need men to fulfill them. They are each successful in their own right and have lives independent of the guys they’re seeing. I think it’s a timeless, relevant message for women everywhere. Attention girls: “Focus on yourself first! The guy will come later.”

When it comes to guys, it’s okay to date outside of “your type.” I tend to think of guys I’d date in strictly defined terms of things I am and am not attracted to, and I know I’ve missed out on some good ones because I let little things in the “not” column turn me away. I’ve ventured outside the box lately and have met some great people because of it. Dates can be fun, even if there is no future.

Despite the fact that Samantha’s unbearable puns and overtly sexual nature make me uncomfortable most of the time, each girl embodies something I feel every woman should carry with her. Charlotte is the traditional, hopeless romantic whose optimism I hope to always maintain. Samantha is forever in search of a good time. Miranda is level-headed and intelligent. Carrie is unapologetically herself and strikingly self-aware. She wears what she wants, dates who she wants, and embraces all of it. I want to be like Carrie when I grow up.

As much as I love living my own life, sometimes it’s fun to live vicariously through these women. I can only hope to one day be sipping cosmos and looking hot in a pair of Manolos, confident as all get out with a group of fabulous best friends. A girl can dream, right?

One thought on “Sex and the City: A 20-Something’s Saving Grace

  1. A girl can definitely dream :) I have something of a SATC circle of close girlfriends – the dinners, the shopping, the dating, visiting each others’ apartments, the parties, etc. I guess it goes with living in NYC, but at the end of the day, I love how the show portrays everyday lives of some, not all, women in this world that many people can actually relate to.

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